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4 Great Ways to Make Healthy Recipes!

Trim, Trade, Toss, and Tweak


TRIM the amount of fat, sugar, and salt to create healthy recipes without sacrificing flavor.

Fat: Butter and oil can be cut in half for most baked goods. Replace other half with apple sauce.

Sugar: Cut sugar in half and use spices such as cinnamon or vanilla to add sweetness.

Salt: Cut down on salt by adding lemon, fresh herbs and salt-free spices for flavor.


TRADE high fat meat and dairy for lean proteins and low-fat dairy products. This reduces the amount of fat, calories, and salt in your recipes while increasing nutritional content.

Pasta: Use whole wheat pasta instead of enriched.

Milk: Use skim milk or 1% milk instead of whole milk in recipes.

Meat: Cook with chicken and fish instead of red meat and pork.


TOSS (or cut back) high sugar, salt, and fat extras. These small bits of calories and carbohydrates add up quickly.

Condiments: Cut things like ketchup, jelly, syrup, pickles, olives, butter and mayo.

Dessert Toppings: Whip cream, sprinkles, frosting.

Cheese: Extra cheese on top of dishes, or use low-fat alternatives.


TWEAK cooking techniques to limit the need for extra oil and salt.

Cooking method: Broil, steam, grill or bake instead of fry.

Non-stick Cookware: Helps to avoid excess fat from cooking oil.

Baste: Use fruit juice, wine or vegetable broth instead of drippings.


Click here for a list of healthy substitutions!

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